Our Plants

  • Aechmea

    Aechmea is the most diversified genus in regards to growth, appearance, and inflorescence.

  • Alcantarea

    Alcantareas are one of the largest genus’ in the bromeliad family. They are used as a focal point in many designs and can reach as much as six feet in diameter.

  • Ananas

    Ananas: The edible pineapple (Ananas comosus) was first introduced by Columbus to Europe in 1493. All others are ornamentals and used in many applications.

  • Androlepis

    Androlepis have very stiff leaves and are popular for full sun applications.

  • Billbergia

    Billbergias are bromeliads that usually have tubular shaped foliage with stunning, beautiful blossoms.

  • Cryptanthus

    Cryptanthus are well known for their star-like shaped forms and bright colors. They are popular as ground covers in landscape and desktop decorations.

  • Guzmania

    Guzmanias are well known for their spineless foliage and variability of inflorescences. They play more of a role in commercial nurseries for interiorscaping. The varieties we offer are not typically found everywhere.

  • Hohenbergia

    Hohenbergia species in many ways resemble the Aechmea genera. They are most desired for their expansive rosettes and shapes as well as their tolerance for full sun.

  • Neoregelia

    As one of the most diverse genus', Neoregelia's have a wide selection of foliage colors, shapes, and confirmation of the leaves.

  • Novelties

    This album contains bromeliads that are considered collectors items. There may be pictures of rare plants that we grow too. Please call for the availability as these are bromeliads that we usually do not have high quantities of.

  • Orthophytum

    A terrestrial family, Orthophytum is diverse in form, shape and interesting blooms.

  • Portea

    Portea are excellent for landscape and interior applications with long lasting blooms and stages.

  • Tillandsia

    Tillandsia is the most diverse group of the bromeliad family. They favor to live as epiphytes or in terrestrial environments.

  • Vriesea

    Vriesea is a sub-family of the Tillandsia genus with many different colors, patterns, spineless foliage and upright blooms.