About Us

Family owned and operated since 1977, Bullis Bromeliads resides and continues to grow on over 25 acres of land with over 18 acres of shade houses and 2.5 acres of greenhouses. Founded by the late Harvey R. Bullis II, Harvey III and Patricia Bullis now run this wholesale company with their two sons, nephews Rick and Thomas G., and brother Eugenio. We are proud the 4th generation, Harvey IV and Thomas Bullis, have joined the company for growing and hybridization. Family traditions are being passed on once again and we are grateful to keep Bullis Bromeliads family owned.

Traditionally known for producing large Aechmea and Alcantarea bromeliads, Bullis has the largest selection of small and large Neoregelia’s in the market. This encompasses species and hybrids produced and grown in house. Dozens of species from South America have been introduced to the market by us. At any one time, we have at least 400 varieties available with an incredible total of 20 Genus’. We are reputed for our quality, vast variety, and friendly customer service. Our bromeliads are used extensively in landscapes, interior applications, and retail garden centers all over, including Canada and the Caribbean. You will find the hybrids and species we grow are displayed in botanical gardens and conservatories around the country.

Over the years, Bullis has introduced thousands of new hybrids with hundreds in production. We currently hold dozens of U.S. Patent Right Protection and Applied For bromeliads. We are constantly working and anticipate to introduce several more unique quality bromeliads into the future contributing fresh new looks and styles suiting the needs of all our clients. The most popular bromeliads we are known for are Aechmea’s Blue Tango (P.), Del Mar (P.), and dozens of Neoregelia’s such as Autumn Rain (P.), Donger (P.), and Maria (P.). We strive and succeed to introduce and provide quality bromeliads for everyone to enjoy. It is our mission, vision, and goal to share the wealth of beauty bromeliads have to offer!